Grapefruit Jelly | Orange Jelly

Grapefruit Jelly Recipe

The grapefruit jelly is very easy to make. The presentation with the grapefruit makes it special, though. You can substitute the grapefruits with oranges to make orange jelly.

Kids love this kind of dessert… :)

Here’s the video that shows how I make the grapefruit jelly… Enjoy!

Want to try it yourself?

Just download the grapefruit jelly guide (ebook) below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Download “Keiko’s Grapefruit Jelly” (1.7 MB, pdf)

(Right-click and select “save target as” to save the pdf on your computer)

And don’t forget to also get the “Perfect Cream Puffs” ebook… if you haven’t, yet. :)